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Cubeisy Management Consultancy & Services Ltd. was founded in 1987 to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, consumer and health related industries and assist them in reaching their marketing and sales objectives.

In 1988 these services were extended to include graphic design and advertising. The publishing department was launched in 1991. In 1997, Cubeisy expanded their market research department and introduced web development as an integral part of the graphic design and advertising services.

From the general management, with over twenty five years of experience in management and marketing across the Middle East and Africa, Cubeisy's human resources are its greatest strength. The core team consists of graduates in pharmacy, fine art, commercial art, economics, and top notch artists and graphic designers. This dynamic staff is also complemented by specialised consultants on key projects.

With headquarters in Amman, Cubeisy has taken advantage of Jordan's central geographic location in the Arab world to extend its scope of work in and around the Middle East, thus serving as a gateway to international business and joint ventures in the area.

Since its inception, Cubeisy has serviced a variety of clients covering a wide spectrum of industries, with varied and unique needs.